Who works in padel?

We often think that working in the world of padel means that the only profile needed is the monitor or coach, but nothing is further from reality. The padel industry requires many other profiles to function and provide an optimal service to the clients of our sport. Let’s see some of them:


Club manager

A padel club cannot work without a profile of this type. Normally it is a person who organizes the different areas of the club so that everything works correctly and the club got profits at the end of the month. He is responsible for managing the staff, managing the club and for everything to be coordinated perfectly with leadership skills, empathy, business training and knowledge about the operation of a padel club.


Padel school coordinator

He is the person in charge of managing the padel school. Depending on how big this is, it can be the same monitor or a completely different person who has to manage the monitors and the groups assigned to them, establish the levels of the students to create the groups, resolve the incidents respect to the classes and dictate the policy to be followed by the school of padel in terms of recoveries and calendar. Must be a very organized person, with orientation to the client and with a good training in padel.


Club Receptionist

We could say that it is the first impression that the clients of our club are going to take in terms of personnel. It receives the players and guides them in their first moments in the facilities and they tend to be to correct any incident in the daily operation. Ideally, be a person with a lot of people skills, proactive, decisive, empathetic and with clear customer service orientation. And if that person know the padel much better!



Whether if he is external or hired by the club, the work of the physiotherapist within the sector is important. If he is specialized also in padel or racket sports, much better. Not only the amateur players (of course, the professionals attend at least weekly to the physio), but also for the monitors and coaches, since these usually spend many hours a day standing with the racket in hand, and at the end the body suffers. Their work is fundamental for the physical well-being and the recovery of injuries produced by the continued practice of padel. There are clubs that offer the services of a physio, which is very comfortable both for clients and for monitors, and in other occasions it will be necessary to go and look for them outside the club. In any case, it is a profile claimed directly or indirectly. Needless to say, we must always go or hire a qualified physiotherapist.


Sports photographer

Perhaps this is a more sporadic work and the most autonomous of all in the padel sector, but it is also necessary. Brands need their services to create the catalogs of their products, shootings to their sponsored players and illustrate their websites. Needless to say, the professional padel tour, World Padel Tour, makes use of the service of this type of professionals. A beautiful profession that we should not ignore or detract from in our sector.



Bar and / or restaurant staff

If our facilities have a bar or restaurant, we must have staff as a cook and waiters. Sometimes, this type of service is outsourced and is transferred to a company or someone who takes care of it. In any case, and especially in Spain, an excellent bar and / or restaurant service will do a lot for the club, as we know very well the pull of the “fourth set” in our culture, and the value that is usually by the amateur player. Not in vain it is often said that the “third time” is one of the great attractions for the amateur player. Needless to say, a good cook and attentive, friendly and helpful waiters will enhance the image of our club.


Commercial Salesman brand

The padel brands, as in other sectors, commercial salesman that sell their products and have an excellent relationship with their customers: clubs and stores, fundamentally. Its main task is the sale of material to intermediaries, who will sell their product to the final customer, that is, the players and fans. The profile is of a clear orientation to the client, with people skills and training in sales, and of course with a great knowledge of the padel market

These are some of the profiles demanded in the world of padel and that can take you to work in the sector. An opportunity to combine your work world with the world of padel. Can you think of another profession?



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