Padel Lands: Playing padel around the world

Today we want to introduce you a project that we find very interesting and useful, and with which we will be collaborating from now on. We will not tire of saying that padel is a sport that is gradually becoming a kind of global madness: once you take the racket you do not want to let go.

Each time our mobility is greater: we move for a season, or forever, or we just go on vacation but our addiction to padel pursues us, and where we go we want to know where we can play. Padel Lands comes to solve the lack of information about places to play padel when we move, both clubs and lodges that have padel courts, through other types of leisure plans that can complement our trip or our new life, who knows.

Padel Lands is the most complete, dynamic and comprehensive guide of padel courts. It also offers tourist information about the territories where there are courts. Information about clubs and accommodations with courts is useful, and new updates are added everyday and anywhere around the world.

And not only that, but the idea of ​​Padel Lands is to analyze the growth of padel in the five continents and giving details of how padel is lived in the new sites, something that we think may be interesting for the amateurs.

Padel Lands does not intend to be another website, informing about what the main padel websites report. In the specific case of World Padel Tour, they inform about the clubs where they can play in the area, their accommodation with tracks, other leisure proposals, but not about the results of the tournaments or their development.

As a website whose main objective is to give the amateur as much information as possible to practice padel wherever he goes or is, no club is left out of the guide. There are all those places with courts that they know of their existence, since they prefer to give as much information as possible before giving other options that require an economic agreement, although they are open to collaborations and projects of greater visibility with brands local and international, clubs and companies.

In the same way as Work in Padel, Padel Lands understands that the internationalization of padel is vital for its growth and that is why its coverage is worldwide. The future of padel is undoubtedly due to growth beyond the borders of Spain, not in vain they have users and followers in their profiles of social networks around the world.

As a preview for the coming months, Padel Lands is following up on several club projects that will be released this year, next year and until 2020. Several of them outside the borders of Spain. So we invite you to follow them on their social networks (@padellands) and discover new places, countries and continents where the padel goes and where, who knows, it is possible that someday we see you playing padel and enjoying.

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