Padel as a way of life

What is Padel for you? Surely it is a fun synonym, or perhaps it is your moment of evasion.  Maybe the way of practice sport every week, but..What about if it were your way of living? What about if padel is already the way of living of many people?

Daily a bunch of new ideas appear around padel business, because of the fast growing that this sport is experimenting from last years and also spreading borders. Our vision from the very first moment is to develop this sport turning it more professional. A padel place for any expert, worker, coach, enterprise, club, brand… We would like to help every single one to have a meeting point. But not a regular one but a place of padel where it treats it as serious and professional as padel deserves.

Our goal is that any Enterprise, club, Brand have an own spot where able to look for their ideal candidate and moreover the entire professionals, who are willing to live of padel because they love it, can apply to job offers of their interest.

But not only that, we want to bring the main actors of the padel to have a place to do business and create synergies. We would love it if agreements and collaborations arose in it, and that together we can get the padel to take the place it deserves.

And how does Work in Padel come about? …Instead of how, why? We saw the need of create a specific place for the working part of Padel. There are apps to find players, organize matches, put up a level, search clubs around you…but ¿what about to look for talented people you need in your company?

We thought it was almost required to offer you one site if you are looking for job opportunities inside the padel network, or even if you need to find a candidate if you lack of one.

Another fact of our existence and that might occupy your interest about us, it’s if we only focus our Project on coaches search clubs for give lessons and vice versa. That is an important part of us but not the only one. Around padel there are many other proffesions that the industry needs to cover: Club directors, brans commercial, physiotherapists, sports photographers, marketing professionals, managers, receptionists.
Therefore, we not only focus on filling vacancies of monitors or coaches, but we are open to all the direct and indirect professions that the padel can offer. And as we have said, our sector is expanding borders. Along with the main actors that are Spain and Argentina, padel is growing in many other countries, and opening new opportunities in them. For professionals, we want you to be aware of them and that you can choose to live an international work experience as exporters of your know-how. For those of you who have decided to give padel a chance in other countries by opening your club, your company or your brand, that you have access to the best profiles and professionals in the sector.  For all of you who want to live off your passion, which is none other than the padel, and for all those who have built a way of life around it, here is your home. Together we will try to contribute and create a better space for development, internationalization and, above all, the professionalization of that sport that one day we fell in love with, the paddle.


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