About professional padel coaches

Each season the padel schools seek to improve and offer an ever higher quality of their services, which of course includes better trained and more professional coaches. And sometimes this is confused with having been or not a player in the professional padel tour.

How many times will the conversation between client and new coach came out in which the client asks is new coach if he has competed in the professional tour? And on many occasions, when the coach answers that no, the client loses a little confidence that he can teach well.

Nothing is further from reality. Even in the professional padel, we will find many coaches who never competed at a professional level or who maybe played some tournaments only but did not dedicate themselves to it. And the reasons can be endless, but that does not mean that they will train their players better or worse.

From our point of view, not always the best player is the best coach, far from it. They can coincide or not. There are people that are very able to compete who do not have the ability to transmit or teach, and others who never competed at a high level but transmit and teach to play padel extraordinarily.

This of course, does not mean that a person who has competed as a professional player is not a great coach. There are very good coaches who have competed at the highest level, and they can also contribute that bonus of having lived as a player the competition at the highest level, but this is not a requirement “sine qua non” to be a great coach.

But, how can I know if I’m facing a good coach?

  1. He has been formed in padel and continues to be formed and recycled.
  2. He is didactic: he communicates well and his explanations are clear to you.
  3. You feel that he has a passion for what he does
  4. He transmits security and confidence in his explanations
  5. Do not mind spending time finding a way to transmit what you do not understand about the game.
  6. He not only teaches us technique, but also tactics.
  7. Not only does he train you what you do not know how to do, but he also empowers what you are good at.
  8. He is a constant source of motivation and he has patience.
  9. Without too much information, he takes you to fulfill the objective that you had foreseen.
  10. And he will never tell you that he is dedicated to “throwing peanuts”!

A good padel coach can have many other qualities, such as being fun , varied in their exercises and concerned about how you have gone the matches that you had that week or if you have practiced this or that hit or play, but perhaps that depends more of the character of each one.


What is clear is that having professionally competed in padel is not an indispensable condition to be a professional in the teaching of our sport. And if not, in addition to several examples in the world of professional padel, we also have examples in other sports in which there are coaches who never stepped on a court or field in a professional competition and yet took their players and teams to the top.

Therefore, the next time you get a new coach in your padel school, we invite you to value your new “sensei” not because of being or have been a “World Padel Tour” player, but because of other factors more important to be taught well to play padel.

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